Two stories in two very focused publications

A lot of short story anthologies focus on very particular themes, either because that’s what the publishers / editors want to read about, or because a themed anthology makes it more interesting to those readers who are, well, interested in that subject. I’ve recently had stories accepted by two of these anthologies (notice I didn’t use the word “sold” — neither were paying markets), and by a strange coincidence, both are coming out in October.

The first, which just came out October 5th, is part of a series called the Queer Sci Fi Flash Fiction Contest; this year’s theme was “Clarity.” I first submitted a piece to last year’s (which was themed “Ink”), and because I find it fun to try to write very short stories — each story has to be 300 words or less — I wrote one for this year’s as well, called “Age Cannot Wither Her.” While it wasn’t chosen to be one of the “winners” (oh, well), I is part of the anthology, and I think it’s a rather neat little piece of flash fiction.

The second book is a reaction to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade; it’s an independently published anthology called Hell Hath Only Fury, edited by S.H. Cooper and Oli A. White. This is a charity anthology, with proceeds going toward abortion and other health services in those states that are no longer offering them. (I’ve lost track of which specific organization will be the beneficiary, should the anthology actually make some money; I’ll add it here when I find out.) I was glad to send a story — this time, a reprint — and gladder that it was accepted; called “All His Worldly Goods,” the story was originally published in an independent magazine called Sybil’s Garage back in April 2008.

Hell Hath Only Fury is due to come out on October 21st; you should be able to find it at Amazon and other online booksellers. I’ll probably blog it again at that point.

Take care!


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