I’ve done a few readings of my work — and sat in on some panels as well. If you’d like to sit in on those events virtually, here are the videos. Enjoy…

The Clearing

An experimental video that worked out: We tried using Facebook Live to make a video when I read a short story called “The Clearing” at the 2017 Capclave SF convention. It came out better than we expected.


Sabbath Wine

This is a reading of “Sabbath Wine” — published in Clockwork Phoenix 5 — that I did for the NYRSF Readings series at the Brooklyn Commons on April 5, 2016 (appearing with Richard Bowes). It is the entire story, with the exception of one section that I had to leave out to keep it within the time limits.

The Seder Guest

At Readercon in 2011, during a party in celebration of the (unfortunately now defunct) magazine Crossed Genres, I read my story “The Seder Guest,” which was video’d by Kay Holt…