Upcoming reading at the Twenty-Sided Store

So I’m going to be part of this reading in the highly fashionable neighborhood of Williamsburg in the highly fashionable borough of Brooklyn at the newly fashionable Twenty-Sided Store, where the highly fashionable go to game. (No, really, I understand it’s really a neat place.)
I will be reading alongside a bunch of highly talented writers, including Chris Kreuter, Carlos Hernandez, C.S.E. Cooney, and Rob Cameron.
It’s all happening this Thursday, December 22nd, at 7 pm. The Twenty-Sided Store is located at 362 Grand Street in Brooklyn. It sounds like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Drop on by if you can.

Tomorrow: The Margot Adler Memorial Reading

img_20140315_115911890Margot Adler was one of those people whose lives are a marvel. She was known and loved by many people who were part of many different communities: those who worked at and listened to the radio stations where she worked, WBAI and WNYC; the members of the Wiccan community; those who read her books on paganism, Drawing Down the Moon and Heretic’s Heart; and those who read her later book Vampires Are Us: Understanding Our Love Affair with the Immortal Dark Side, and who heard her speak about it. And probably many more.

Originally, I knew Margot’s husband, John Gliedman, as well or better than I knew Margot. He was an extremely smart (actually, quite brilliant), technically knowledgeable, and just plain nice human being who occasionally freelanced as a technical writer. John and Margot lived in a beautiful apartment on Central Park West, and some of my best memories are of meeting them there to talk, watch movies (or the election returns), or just hang out.

John died in 2010. Margot died in 2014. Both died too early. I miss them both.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1st), the first Margot Adler Memorial Reading will be held at the NY Review of SF Readings — appropriately, on All Soul’s Day. It is being curated by Terence Taylor, and features Terence and Sabrina Vourvoulias — two exceptional writers of fantastic fiction. It will take place at 7 pm at the Brooklyn Commons Cafe at 388 Atlantic Avenue.

I hope to see you there.

Lights, camera — you know the rest

Just because I can: I’ve created a new video page on my blog site. This was, in the main, prompted by the reading I did back in April for the NYRSF Reading Series of my short story “Sabbath Wine,” which appears in the anthology Clockwork Phoenix 5 (and which I’m inordinately proud of).

The series is now (through the good work of Jim Freund and Terence Taylor) being broadcast via Livestream. So I have a video of the reading, which I can now offer to anyone who wants to hear me tell the story in in my full Brooklyn accent.

I also have a video that was taken by editor Kay Holt (thanks, Kay!) of a party that took place at the 2011 Readercon SF con;  I read my story “Seder Guest,” which had been published in the late lamented small-press magazine Crossed Genres. (Crossed Genres still exists as a publishing company; check out their site here.)

There are also a few videos of panels I’ve sat on at various spec-fic conventions which I may add at a later date, but that’s about it for now. Enjoy.

My Readercon Schedule

Readercon has posted its “preliminary” schedule; since there are only a few more days to go, I’ve decided to go ahead and post the panels/readings that I’m going to participate in. There are loads of great-sounding panels coming up; I’m really looking forward to it!

Here are mine:

Thursday July 7

8:00 PM    Room 5    Living in the Future. John Chu, Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), Andrea Phillips, Tom Purdom, Terence Taylor. Today, if we’re going to see another person, we have cellphones to instantly communicate with that person, and maps on the cellphones to help us find our agreed-upon location. Twenty years ago we would have had to phone each other on landlines, pick a restaurant in advance or agree to meet at a landmark known to both of us. Five hundred years ago we wouldn’t have had watches on our persons, so even keeping to the correct time of the appointment would have been difficult—how would we even know when the agreed-upon time of our meeting arrived? Our panelists will discuss some of the conveniences, large and small, that we take for granted, and the absence of which would cause difficulties of the sort that are often elided in fiction. The discussion will also discuss science fiction novels and stories that incorporate and project modern technology into their fictions, and which fail to take these things into account.

9:00 PM    Room 5    The Life and Times of Mary Sue . Gillian Daniels, Gemma Files, Ben Francisco, Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), Natalie Luhrs. New Republic senior editor Jeet Heer wrote, in a short Twitter essay about Mary Sues, “The popularity of the term ‘Mary Sue’ really says everything you need to know about sexism in fandom/nerdom.” Instead of unpacking the concept of Mary Sue, we’d like to zero in on the troubled history of this term, why it’s troubled, and how better to talk about “self-insertion” in fiction without the sexism.

Friday July 8

12:00 PM    Room A    Reading: Barbara Krasnoff. (It says I’m reading “Sabbath Wine” but I’ll probably read an unpublished story instead.)

5:00 PM    Room A    Clockwork Phoenix 5 Group Reading. Mike Allen, C.S.E. Cooney, Carlos Hernandez, Keffy Kehrli, Barbara Krasnoff, Cameron Roberson, Sonya Taaffe, A.C. Wise. Contributors to the bestselling fifth installment in the critically-acclaimed, boundary-expanding Clockwork Phoenix anthology series read excerpts from their stories.

Readercon & Videos

Is Readercon really next week? It feels as if it’s crept up on me; I keep thinking it’s sometime in the nebulous future. I’ve gotten my initial schedule, which right now is made up of two panels, an individual reading and a group reading, but the schedule is apparently still tentative. So I’ll hold off posting it until everything is set in — well, if not stone, then at least in reasonable secure rubber.

Meanwhile, as usual, I’m indecisive about what to read. I was originally going to read “Sabbath Wine” from Clockwork Phoenix 5, but I realized that not only might I be repeating it for any of my friends who show up (since I read it at the NYRSF Readings back in April), but that it’s way too long for a 25-minute slot. So I’ve asked them to change the description in the program to “Barbara reads a new unpublished story,” and that way, I can make the decision at the last moment.

Meanwhile, if you want to hear me read “Sabbath Wine,” you can! I’ve created a “Videos” page on my website (here: https://krasnoff.wordpress.com/videos/), where you can catch the NYRSF reading. There’s also a video of me reading a short story called “The Seder Guest” that I did at a Crossed Genres party at a previous Readercon.

More on Readercon soon — and I hope to see you there!

A Brooklyn writer reads in Queens!

This coming Thursday, April 28th, I’ll be participating in the Queens Literary Crawl in Forest Hills. According to the website, “The event, the first of its kind in the borough, celebrates the literary and artistic community of Queens and NYC while creating a hip event celebrating national poetry month.”

Yes, I’m from Brooklyn. Yes, I usually tend to avoid events that describe themselves as “hip.” So sue me.

I’ll be part of a group of 14 writers who will be reading short works from 7 pm to 10:30 pm at the Aged Restaurant on 107-02 70th Road in Forest Hills. It’s a great line-up, with lots of writers whom I admire and others whom I look forward to discovering, including Rajan Khanna, Marleen S. Barr, William Shunn (who is organizing this segment of the event on behalf of his Line#Break series of readings), Robert Howe, Nancy Hightower, Keith RA DeCandido, and many others.

So if you’re planning to be in the neighborhood — or even if you’re not, but you happen to have an evening free — see if you can drop by. There will be readings at several venues (and breaks every so often so you can switch between venues) and a party at the end of the evening. Tickets for the event cost $9.99; proceeds will benefit the Queens Book Festival.

I’ll be participating in the first segment, which starts at 7 pm. So get there early!

You can find all the information at their website. Come if you can!

Why six people make a successful reading

I had a reading at Capclave yesterday at the dinnertime hour of 6 pm. About 6 people showed up – and I consider it a success. Why?

Because those six came. They could have hung out with friends in the hallway or checked out a panel or gone out to dinner.

Because nobody walked out. They all stayed and listened.

Because at least one of the six complimented me on the story afterwards.

Because at least one of the six tweeted about the story afterwards.

For somebody from out of town (Capclave is a Washington DC con) , who sells perhaps two to four stories a year, I consider that a successful reading.

The Electric Velocipede Memorial Party is this Friday!

The 27th — and final — issue of Electric Velocipede is hitting the virtual stands, and this Friday is the party celebrating this marvelous specfic publication. If you’re going to be in the NYC area, why not come and celebrate with us?

There will be readings by a bunch of EV alumni, including Richard Bowes, K. Tempest Bradford, Nancy Hightower, Robert J. Howe, Matthew Kressel, Sam J. Miller, Mercurio D. Riveria, William Shunn, Jonathan Wood and myself — and since we will only have time for five minutes each, there will also be an e-collection of all the stories for sale. I also understand there will be a raffle.

Here are the particulars. See you there?

WHEREBluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen Street, New York, New York 10002

WHEN: Friday February 28 @ 7:00p

WHAT: Issue 27 Release Party & Memorial Service

WHO: Readings from Richard Bowes, K. Tempest Bradford, Nancy Hightower, Robert J. Howe, Barbara Krasnoff, Matthew Kressel, Sam J. Miller, Mercurio D. Riveria, William Shunn, and Jonathan Wood

RSVPEvent page on Facebook

Reminder: NYRSF reading is tomorrow — come say hi!

Just a reminder (to myself, as well as anyone else) that I’m going to be doing a reading at the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings (along with the talented Sabrina Vourvoulias, whose novel Ink is well worth checking out). It will be hosted by vampire writer extraordinaire Terence Taylor.

If you’re planning to be in the Soho area tomorrow evening, stop on by. I plan to read my story “The History of Soul 2065” from the upcoming anthology Clockwork Phoenix 4. Bring tissues. (Heh)

Here are the details:

Tuesday, June 11th
Doors open at 6:30 pm — event begins at 7 pm

The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street (between Houston & Prince St.)