Short Stories

**Stories that are starred are available to read online

Resis Fascism coverIn the Background
Resist Fascism
November 2018






Hard Times, Cotton Mill Girl
Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #71
June 2018






Mythic_Delirium_3_4_cove_web**The Ladder-back Chair
Mythic Delirium Issue 3.4
April-June 2017






CP5_cover_mockup_small-200x300**Sabbath Wine
Finalist for 2016 Nebula Award for Best Short Story
Clockwork Phoenix 5
April 2016

Video from NYRSF Reading

Kaleidocast production, read by Kim Rogers




with-triumph-home-unto-her-house-illustration-e1450619552581** With Triumph Home Unto Her House
Abyss & Apex
January 2016



of_their_sweet_deaths**Of Their Sweet Deaths Are Sweetest Odours Made
Triptych Tales
September 2015



**Sophia’s Legacy
Mythic Delirium
September 2015






Perihelion cover**Topfuntersetzer
November 2014






the_waterbug**The Waterbug
Triptych Tales
September 2014



spaceandtime_121_2014 Under the Bay Court Tree
Space and Time #121
Summer 2015





Cross Genres Logo**Symbiosis
Crossed Genres
February 2014



sad old lady**The Sad Old Lady
Voluted Dreams
August 2013



 The History of Soul 2065
Clockwork Phoenix 4
July 2013






The Didibug Pin
Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction
January 2013






**The Memory of Touch
Cosmos Magazine
December 2012




**The Call Comes / Atomic Avarice / December 2012

  Marilee and the S.O.B.
Fat Girl in a Strange Land
February 2012





The Red Dybbuk
Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging  the norm
December 2011





Button Up Your Overcoat Button Up Your Overcoat
Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s
July 2011





Crossed Genres Quarterly

**In the House of the Brelsh
Crossed Genres 29
April 2011




**The Seder Guest
Crossed Genres 15
February 2010
Also: Crossed Genres Year Two
December 2010



Cancer God
Space and Time
July 2009




Electric VelocipedeThe Gingerbread House
Electric Velocipede #17/18
July 2009





Clockwork Phoenix 2

Rosemary, That’s For Remembrance
Clockwork Phoenix 2
July 2009




**Waiting for Jakie / Apex Magazine / April 2009 (also: Descended From Darkness: Apex Magazine Volume I / December, 2009)

In the Silence of the Subway / Doorways #8 / July 2008

All His Worldly Goods / Sybil’s Garage No. 5April 2008

An Old-Time Girl / Behind the Wainscot #8 / November 2007 (also Timeshift: Tales of Time / August 2018)

First Class / Escape Velocity #1 / November 2007 (also: Escape Velocity: The Anthology / May 2011)

Means of Communication /  Sybil’s Garage #4  March 2007

**Hearts and Minds / Weird Tales #336 / December 2004

In the Loop / Descant #122 / Fall 2003

Lost Connections / Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 10 / June 2002

Stoop Ladies/  Such A Pretty Face: Tales of Power & Abundance / Meisha-Merlin, May 2000

Signs of Life  Escape Velocity #3 / April 2008 (also: Amazing Stories v65 #3 / September 1990,  Memories and Visions: Women’s Fantasy and Science Fiction / Crossing Press, October, 1989)

Robots: Reel to Real / Arco Publishing, 1982


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