Readercon & Videos

Is Readercon really next week? It feels as if it’s crept up on me; I keep thinking it’s sometime in the nebulous future. I’ve gotten my initial schedule, which right now is made up of two panels, an individual reading and a group reading, but the schedule is apparently still tentative. So I’ll hold off posting it until everything is set in — well, if not stone, then at least in reasonable secure rubber.

Meanwhile, as usual, I’m indecisive about what to read. I was originally going to read “Sabbath Wine” from Clockwork Phoenix 5, but I realized that not only might I be repeating it for any of my friends who show up (since I read it at the NYRSF Readings back in April), but that it’s way too long for a 25-minute slot. So I’ve asked them to change the description in the program to “Barbara reads a new unpublished story,” and that way, I can make the decision at the last moment.

Meanwhile, if you want to hear me read “Sabbath Wine,” you can! I’ve created a “Videos” page on my website (here:, where you can catch the NYRSF reading. There’s also a video of me reading a short story called “The Seder Guest” that I did at a Crossed Genres party at a previous Readercon.

More on Readercon soon — and I hope to see you there!


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