Short stories I got published in 2014

I’d been feeling a bit discouraged about the visibility (or lack thereof) of my published writing — nothing serious, just the periodic self-pity fest that most writers go though occasionally — and then I read Amal El-Mohtar’s essay Of Awards Eligibility Lists and Unbearable Smugness, about how women too often are shy about promoting their work, especially around awards season.

Thank you, Amal — and thanks to N.K. Jemisin, whose Facebook entry led me to it.

So here’s a list of the short stories I’ve had published this year, along with where they’ve appeared and very short descriptions. All of them except the one published in Space and Time are available online. If you like, read one or two:

Perihelion/November 2014
Science fiction/humor

“The Waterbug”
Triptych Tales/September 2014
Sort-of-fantasy/vague weirdness

“Under the Bay Court Tree”
Space and Time #121/Summer 2014
Urban fantasy

Crossed Genres/February 2014
Urban fantasy


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