Sale! Short story “Topfuntersetzer” to Perihelion

One of the quickest sales it’s been my pleasure to experience: My story “Topfuntersetzer” to Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine. I sent the story out around 12:30 pm yesterday and got the acceptance about four and a half hours later, which has got to be some kind of record, for me at least.

(What is a “topfuntersetzer?” Well, that’s what Google is for, isn’t it? <g>)

Perihelion gives the impression of an old-fashioned science fiction magazine: Currently, it has a front cover that features a spaceship and a child in a spacesuit; it offers science fiction stories along with articles on science and reviews of novels and films. Very much like the kind of thing I grew up reading — which is nice, since I wrote “Topfuntersetzer” with a bit of a nod toward those old-fashioned, slightly-tongue-in-cheek types of stories.

I look forward to being included.

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