Words into pictures: Illustrations for my stories

I recently announced the publication of two stories: “The Waterbug” in Triptych Tales and “Under the Bay Court Tree” in Space and Time. However, while I named the editors and the other writers who appear in those venues, I completely forgot to mention that both stories are illustrated!

Both are black-and-white drawings. “The Waterbug” is illustrated by Wendy Quirt, who does a lovely job in laying out the feel of the story in simple terms (pictured here). “Under the Bay Court Tree” is very ably illustrated by Alfred Klosterman, who also obviously “got” the theme of the story.

Thanks to both — I think it’s really fun to see my words turned into drawings!

Illustration by Wendy Quirt for "The Waterbug"
Illustration by Wendy Quirt for “The Waterbug”

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