One weekend, two stories!

It’s a Barbara double-header! I’m thrilled to announce that I have two stories that have just been published over the Labor Day weekend: One online and one in print.

The first, a short story called “The Waterbug,” has just gone live on a new (and very professionally produced) site called Triptych Tales, produced by Melanie Fogel and Kevin Quirt. Each month they published three stories “that take place in our world, our world with a twist, or our world as it could be in the very near future.”

This month, I share the TripTych stage with Liz Kershaw and David Steffan, whose stories I look forward to reading (probably tonight). It’s all online and free, so drop by.

My other story, “Under the Bay Court Tree,” has just been published in the Summer 2014 issue of Space and Time, under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Hildy Silverman (along with Fiction Editor Gerard Houarner, Poetry Editor Linda Addison, Art Editor Diane Weinstein and Editor Emeritus Gordon Linzner).

Other writers in the issue include Mercurio D. Rivera & E. C. Myers, Charles E. Gannon, Derek Muk, David Hollingworth and J. A. Bradley. It looks like a great issue; I’m really pleased to be part of it.

Both stories take place here and now; “The Waterbug” is reality with a quirk, while “Under the Bay Court Tree” is more straightforwardly fantastical. Either way, I hope you enjoy them.


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