Lunacon is next weekend

I’ve been going to the Lunacon SF convention for quite a few years now (okay, I missed a few at one point), but I’ve never actually participated before. I’d leave that to Jim, while I’d hang out, sit in on a few panels, and just take it easy.

Not this year. This year — unless things change, since as I understand it, the schedule hasn’t been set in stone yet — I’m doing five, count ’em, five panels, and a reading.

So for all you East Coasters who think they might come — I’d recommend it, it sounds like there will be some very interesting stuff going on. Lunacon is happening this weekend, March 14 – 16, at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, NY.

Here’s my schedule. Come on by and say hello.


7 pm
Gender Parity
Participants: Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), James Daniel Ross, Sarah Avery, Felicia Herman, Catt Kingsgrave
What is wrong with our literature and media? What’s right? There is an ongoing global change and acceptance, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. So what can we do about it?


Seymour Boton
Currently, I plan to read an unpublished short story called “Sophia’s Legacy” that fits into what’s developing into a cycle of stories involving two Jewish-American families.

7 pm
What IS it about we people
Elijah Budd
Participants: Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), James Daniel Ross, James Cambias, Richard Herr,Walter H. Hunt
What are humans portrayed in stories as intuititive, resourceful and ultimately successful? Are we really like that, or is it just a crappy plot device? Take a look at our history, and all the mistakes… especially when dealing with other populations Who are we really, and what will we be like when we interact with other civilizations?

8:30 pm
Post-Binary Gender
Participants: Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), Jared R. Lopatin, David Sklar, Ariel Cinii
Post-binary gender in SF is the acknowledgement that gender is more complex than the Western cultural norm of two genders (female and male): that there are more genders than two, that gender can be fluid, that gender exists in many forms.


11 am
The Resurgence of the Short(er) Story
Participants: Ken Altabef, Alex Shvartsman, Sheila Williams, Barbara Krasnoff, James Chambers
So many collections, print and online magazines and other outlets — Is this a fad? Or, do readers really like short fiction again?

1:30 pm
Geek Job Hunter’s Meet-up
Westchester Ballroom A3
Lynn E. Cohen Koehler (moderator), William Freedman, Laura Soule, Edward X Young,Barbara Krasnoff
Looking for a job? Any job? Trying to break into the publishing business? We’ll talk tips, strategies and perhaps a few leads… Be sure to bring your resume

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