A new story at Crossed Genres: Symbiosis

So it’s February, the weather is really lousy, I’ve got family stuff to take care of, I’m heading for omigawd is it THAT birthday? angst, and I’m trying to put together a short story collection with some kind of coherence to it. So in the middle of all that, something nice: My story “Symbiosis” has just appeared in the latest issue of Crossed Genres Magazine.

It’s a rather straightforward urban fantasy/romance that sat around in my virtual drawer long enough so that the hardware that one of the characters is working with was (when I first wrote it) the latest thing —  and is now what is called “legacy tech.” The story was tweaked, and rewritten, and tweaked again over the years until it finally became decent enough for the nice folks at Crossed Genres to accept it.

And for you — if you’d like — to read it.

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