Lunacon, Readercon & the Short Story Review

I spent last weekend at the Lunacon science fiction convention in Rye Brook, NY, which is about an hour’s drive north of Brooklyn. I’ve gone to Lunacon for quite a few years (admittedly, I missed one or two); it is, at least for me, a nice, relaxed con with informal panels, an interesting dealers room and art show, convivial parties and friends that I enjoy seeing and hanging with. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been an official participant (Jim often is, however), which means it’s a low-key, no-pressure weekend. This year’s Lunacon was a bit problematic — there were difficulties in getting the schedules out until past the last minute, and the turnout was very low — but I had a good time. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

Speaking of conventions, I understand that there will be a group reading for Clockwork Phoenix 4 at Readercon this year. Since I have a story in the anthology, I hope to be part of that reading. More to come.

Finally, the second pre-review of Clockwork Phoenix 4 has appeared in a blog entitled Short Story Review. Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam gives a short summary of “The History of Soul 2065” and ends by saying, “It’s interesting to hear the complete lives of so many characters, and the moment of realization that the story is not as simple as it first appears is a shock.” Thanks, Bonnie.


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