Moving my personal tweets to another account

First I changed my blog from Posterous to, and now I’m looking at tweaking my Twitter accounts.

Why? Well, while I’ve been mainly using a single Twitter account (@BarbaraKrasnoff), I actually have a second account that I really haven’t been using (@BarbK). I’ve mainly used the first in my role as reviews editor of Computerworld — and as a result, I’ve been reluctant to use it in my other, more personal role as reader/writer/partner/friend/person. One is professional; the other, personal.

So over the next few days (hopefully), I’m going to use my second account to follow friends, writers, and organizations that have nothing to do with tech, and start posting there with the hope that my friends who are following me on my @BarbaraKrasnoff tech account will either move to my @BarbK personal account — or, if they want to, both.


One thought on “Moving my personal tweets to another account

  1. kgagne February 23, 2013 / 9:29 am

    I similarly have separate personal and work accounts, but my co-workers eventually find each and end up following me on both. Even I get a bit confused about which account is best for each tweet. I wonder if there’s a mechanism to go the other way and merge two Twitter handles?

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