Short Fiction Authors You Should Know – A Slight Update

I was looking over my blog site this morning, and realized that there was a page there that I hadn’t paid attention to for a while: Short Fiction Authors You Should Know. I created it shortly after the 2011 Capclave, because that was the name of a panel I had moderated — I took down the names of the writers mentioned during the panel (at least, most of them; I probably missed a few) and listed them on the page, including short descriptions and links to their Web sites.

Well, the page is still there, so I did a few updates, added a couple of names, and now present it to you in its slightly current form. I wouldn’t mind adding a few more names for folks who want to try out some good short fiction — especially because this is an absurdly incomplete list — so if anybody would like to suggest people to add, please do!

(Oh, and my apologies to those writers who should be here and aren’t — I did the update in a hurry, and may add more over the coming weeks. If you think you should be here, don’t be modest — let me know!)


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