My Readercon schedule

I've gotten what is probably my final schedule for Readercon (as is usual, things can always change). I'm very happy with it, and with the lineup for Readercon as a whole; it looks like it's going to have a lot of interesting stuff happening.

Here's what I'll probably be doing:

Friday July 13

12:00 PM    Writing for Electronic Devices.
Kathryn Cramer, Michael J. DeLuca, James Patrick Kelly, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), David G. Shaw.
How does the experience of reading speculative fiction on the Kindle, the iPad, and other e-readers differ from reading a codex? What changes in the literature itself might we see as authors write stories and novels intended to be read on electronic devices? Will the ability to link across pages and chapters (as first seen in Geoff Ryman's pioneering 253) change how plots are developed, or will they act more as memory aids? Our panelists speculate about this unevenly distributed but inevitable future.

3:00 PM    How to Write for a Living When You Can’t Live Off Your Fiction.
Thomas A. Easton, James Patrick Kelly, Mikki Kendall, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), Nick Mamatas.
You've just been laid off from your staff job, you can't live on the royalties from your fiction writing, and your significant other has taken a cut in pay. How do you pay the rent? Well, you can find freelance work writing articles, white papers, reviews, blogs, and other non-sfnal stuff. Despite today's lean journalistic market, it's still possible to make a living writing, editing, and/or publishing. Let's talk about where and how you can sell yourself as a professional writer, whether blogging can be done for a living, and how else you can use your talent to keep the wolf from the door. Bring whatever ideas, sources, and contacts you have.

Saturday July 14

12:00 PM   Group Reading: Crossed Genres.
Carrie Cuinn, Kay T. Holt, Barbara Krasnoff, Sandra McDonald, Daniel José Older, Sabrina Vourvoulias.
Crossed Genres ( started out with a monthly online magazine, and has now developed into a full-scale small press publisher of genre anthologies. Recent and upcoming books include Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy Tales of Challenging the Norm (Dec. 2011), Fat Girl in a Strange Land (Feb. 2012), and Salsa Nocturna (July 2012). This reading will feature several writers whose work is represented in Crossed Genres publications, and will be moderated by publisher/editor Bart Leib.

Sunday July 15

11:00 AM    Reading.
I'll probably read "Button Up Your Overcoat" from the anthology Broken Time Blues.

Readercon will be happening July 12-15 at the Burlington Marriott in Burlington, Massachusetts. Lots of good writers, good panels and nice people in general…



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