Something new to read: Passing, by Nella Larsen

Just saw a review of the anthology Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring '20s in the blog Random Stuff from a Random Person. It mentions my story as follows:

While the problem of passing has frequently been an implicit theme of supernatural literature, Barbara Krasnoff’s “Button Up Your Overcoat” explicitly connects the dots between Nella Larsen’s Passing and fantasy narrative.

Which makes me simultaneously pleased and embarrassed, because I've never read (or, to be completely honest, even heard of) Nella Larsen's novel Passing, about a woman in the 1920s (it was published in 1929) who is passing as white and married to a racist white husband — and who may be trying to win away the narrator's husband instead. And there's a murder in there as well. So I have to immediately run out and get a copy….


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